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NaNoWriMo and other thoughts
Lady Writing
Part A:  I am participating in NaNo this year.  It is 11-5-12 - I have 50 words.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  But wow, what a crazy few days it has been.  I think I'll cut myself some slack, you know?  Besides, for me, NaNo this year isn't about the word count, it's about actually getting back to writing.

Something Depression has taken away from me for a long time.  

I don't even care if it develops into anything I ever share with another human; I don't care if it's nothing but pages of "Pam is writing" over and over again.  I just want to get back that part of me that Depression ripped away.

When I was in grade school, I started writing, but it didn't really kick in until Jr. High, when I started writing these crazy (awful, I will admit) stories by hand.  Pages and pages, notebooks, full of pen-smeared fantasy and science fiction from a barely teen-aged girl's perspective.  By high school, I had my own typewriter, and typed pages piled on top of the loose sheets and spiral notebooks.

All of those early stories are gone.  They were in a box my parents put in my aunt's garage while they were doing some work in the attic.  My aunt's garage that had never had a leak - until that day and that thunderstorm.  Very sad.  I miss them.  They were awful and predictable and full of tropes, but they were mine.

I miss that.  I miss staying up late to keep writing because the story HAS TO GET OUT.  I miss reading and re-reading sections because I love the story, no matter what.

And so NaNo this year is about just writing something, but it's also about letting go.  Before I took a hiatus from writing, I was way to wrapped up in making things perfect.  My writing wasn't really for me any more; it was more for what others would like and think.  So I am leaving that behind.  It may not be easy, but I'm going to.  And I think I am going to close the files on those things I have written.  For the most part.  Namori may not go quietly.  We'll see.

As for the new stories, I have some ideas.  Who knows where that will go?

Part B:  I saw Cloud Atlas with my hubby yesterday.  I loved it.  It is very cerebral, and thus, not everyone's cup of tea.  I think those who heard Wachowskis and thought "action movie" will be disappointed.  It's not that there isn't action, it's just the action is really not the point of the story.  I may work on a post to share my thoughts about what the point was, but I'm still digesting what I experienced for the moment.

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Glitter Text Maker

I'm so happy to hear you're reclaiming your creative muse. I'll be here to cheer you on!

Cloud Atlas--LOVED II!

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