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Update: Oh, so this is what crazy feels like....or how I've learned to like phase drafting.
Lady Writing
Things are amok.

My garage is stacked full of boxes and stuff. There are stacks and piles of books and toys. Neatly arranged, but still not put away. And there is no way I can use my desk for anything.

And yet, in this cauldron of chaos that is my home life right now, I stumbled onto something. It began innocently enough with my following a link to an article about archaeology and ended with my starting the draft of a new WIP (please don't string me up, Crit Group! LOL!). Along the way, I hit other highlights, and took a nice lengthy stop at an article on phase drafting by Lazette Gifford.

Now, I know this article has been making its rounds through the Internet's various writing communities (again), so you may have already seen this.  I had tried something similar myself a couple of years ago - but something in Lazette's article just clicked, and before I knew it, I had the first 67 phases of a new WIP.  Plot and sub-plots are just weaving themselves together.  As I finish one, the next phase just becomes obvious.  It's kind of amazing.  Especially for me, who has typically been a seat-of-my-pants kind of writer that has not done as well with outlines, line per scenes, and so on.

Now, I don't imagine I'll be writing 10k words a day like Lazette states she was able to do, but I am hopeful that this pseudo-writing method of phase drafting is going to help me move over my writing slump and into a first draft.

And that means sub'ing to my group again, which makes me so happy I can't really express it here.

It's amazing what a little chaos can do.

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Wow, good for you. I think this sounds like an excellent method for you as you tend to bog down after a certain rush into the wonderfulness of the new WIP. If you really know where you're going you won't lose that sense of momentum and start questioning whether it's working or not. Hurray!

Thanks! I think so, too. And while it's making a plan for where things should go - it's done in a way that still leaves me the room to just write and go. :)

As soon as I have a few phases written out, may I send them to you?


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